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Superfuzz Announce New Material And Appearance On Streaming Services

Sep 20, 02:14pm

And not a damn moment too soon.

Anyone that knows anything about the indie scene here in the 2010s will remember (and probably was inspired by) Delhi rock band Superfuzz. Back when the rock landscape was more populated with new bands and had more general popularity, Superfuzz was everything a young musician could look up to. They were a three-piece (they still are, of course, with Sanchal Malhar, Nikhil Rufus Raj and Aditya Paharia). They had incredible hooks and songwriting way past their (at the time) young age. They had two of the best EPs to come out of the rock scene in this country, ‘School’ and ‘Inner City Waster’. Well, it looks like there’s some hope for the sound yet, because the band recently divulged that they have a full length album recorded and ready to come out at some point in the near future. Their music catalog is also finally, finally out on streaming services, so anyone unfamiliar can sink themselves into the band’s world of great riffage, watertight songwriting and metric tonnes of personality.

More details about the album are yet to come out, but just the news of such a name coming back with new material is reason for 2020 to be just that little bit less atrocious than it has been.

Check out the band's music catalog here.

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