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Teen Band The Aleph Rock The Blues Really Loud

Sep 16, 03:31am

“The Aleph” is a classic rock band consisting of 14 yrs old members inspired by the blues 
 Photo Courtesy: The Aleph

Classic rock band The Aleph is inspired by the blues. It is not common anymore to find a band of teenagers heavily influenced by retro rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who and 70’s classic rock. Their latest track 'There's A Witch At My Door' is an old-school rollicking tune that showcases their admirable skill and ability in writing and performance, proving their great potential as musicians. “Recently, we have started to expand our horizons, venturing into the more experimental areas of rock music”, say the teenage rockers. The band is staying true to the grind, writing music and releasing regular content with videos shot and edited by them. 


“All of us are 14 years of age. Our biggest inspiration is the blues, but we play it louder, and we play it heavier.”
- The Aleph


'The Aleph' is young and brewing with a rare explosive energy that is very evident in their music. Here's hoping they stick to their guns and evolve into discovering a new sound contributing to the now relatively barren landscape of modern rock music.


Watch below:





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