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Delhi Songwriter Moardis Crimson Gets Rootsy On New Single

Sep 18, 04:05pm

‘Just Another Woman (Alright, Alright)’ has shades of folk and old-school progressive rock

Tushar Mani (whose music-making alias is the somewhat unusually named Moardis Crimson) has been releasing a lot of music this year, with a bunch of singles in the last few months. His sound relies on a lot of the low-volume and rather mystical palates of early 70s prog rock and folk rock, where interesting chords and the use of ‘thin’ instrumentation like a violin or flute was the general modus operandi. His single ‘Just Another Woman (Alright, Alright)’ shows his willingness to use these sounds and his proficiency in the medium.

The track is seven and a half minutes long and features the primary accompaniment of one acoustic guitar. Now, he does not use it in an energetic fashion or in a way that creates tons of transitions. The method used is one we used to be familiar with when bands like Genesis (the old version) were bringing earthy and rootsy sounds into their repertoire in the late 60s and early 70s. He picks slowly and uses a ton of off-kilter chords; that unease contrasted with the calm of the instrument and his singing voice provides a really fun listening experience. He does throw in a bit of flute and a violin towards the second half of the song, but it is for the most part a sparse acoustic track. But what Tushar does well is create interesting things with this minimal setup, and that’s the track’s virtue.

Listen to 'Just Another Woman (Alright, Alright)' here.

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