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Jupiter Trap Succeeds At Contemplative And Ambient Prog On Debut Single

Sep 13, 03:28pm

‘Dimension Jump’ shows how tolerable ambient, heavy progressive music can be when you just get the basics right

Jupiter Trap is a new solo project from Mumbai-based guitarist and composer Rachit Sachdeva. His single ‘Dimension Jump’ is the first from his debut EP ‘Parallel Union’ and consists of some spacey and ambient instrumental progressive (metal-rock-post-rock, you pick) material; it’s guitar driven and has a surprising amount of variation for a track that’s four and a half minutes in length. Now, it doesn’t invent anything new or have ideas you’ve never heard before. But Rachit and his collaborators do the one thing you have to do to avoid music like this being mediocre; get the building blocks absolutely right.

The supporting cast helps a lot in this regard. Gino Banks provides swirling and utterly addictive grooves throughout. Vivian D’Souza has a gnarly and heavy bass tone that gives the track its weight. Synths from Nikhil Abraham and a solo from Vivek Khati complete the picture, and of course, the riffs Rachit uses are at the centre of it all. He goes fluidly from ambience to djenty sounds to evocative cleans to a long electronic interlude with considerable commitment; even though there is a lot to take in, it is never uncomfortable and feels together. That’s a good achievement for a relatively short track, and the explosion of sound in the last minute or so earns all the feels it deserves.


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