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K And Abhi Tap Into Modern And Accessible Alternative Rock

Sep 09, 04:37pm

Their April-released EP ‘Sunwave’ is two tracks of the pop-rock-prog that some hardcore prog-heads don’t usually like but everyone else loves

The debut effort from Mumbai/Hyderabad duo K and Abhi (Kailasnadh Komara and Abhimanyu Wadhwa, so K and… you get it) is ten minutes and two songs in the vein of what many modern listeners would loosely call progressive rock with some pop mixed in. As usual, it’s difficult to keep names like Blackfield, Pineapple Thief or Steven Wilson (his solo career after arguably one of his best works, Grace For Drowning) out of conversations like this; K and Abhi help out by channeling a lot of those very sounds and atmospheres in this case.

It’s quite simple. The two tracks here, ‘Something I Saw’ and the title track are centered around agreeable guitars, smooth vocals, really poppy and accessible choruses and that little tinge of epicness from a good ol’ shrieking solo. The former has great vocal lines and uses acoustic guitars for most of the melodic material whereas the latter relies on some keys and electric guitars. ‘Sunwave’ is the more dynamic song of the two; you can really pinpoint the presence of simple and mellow choruses with instrumentation that doesn’t get in the way whatsoever. One might say that it isn’t purely progressive rock by any means, and by most prog-snob metrics (no real dynamism and so on), one would be right; but it’s wrong to put it squarely in that box. There’s no denying that the spirit and emotional content of what was being made between the mid-2000 and mid-2010s is clear to see.

Listen to ‘Sunwave’ here.

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