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Delhi's Holi Cow Festival Returns As Holi Moo! Festival

Mar 23, 04:33pm

The 10th edition of the festival features everyone from Tritha Collective to Jitter

Every time Holi approaches, you can be dazzled all you want by how people celebrate it all over the world from Germany to Spain (even if they aren’t Hindu or Indian), but Delhi has always had an edge when it comes to hosting the best gigs for the festival of colours. Case in point, the Holi Cow Festival, which returns for its 10th edition as the Holi Moo! Festival.

The multi-genre, multi-stage festival takes place on March 24, with four stages. Top acts include Mumbai blues act Kanchan Daniel and the Beards, Delhi’s electronica mainstays such as Lifafa, Jitter and Curtain Blue. Must-watch artists (when you’re not busy throwing rang on people) include Tritha Collective, Man Goes Human, Mosko, The Jass B’stards and more.

The festival is taking place in the heart of South Delhi at Jhankar Lawns, Asiad Tower, Asiad Village on March 24. Proceedings kick off at 12 pm and run on until 8 pm. Tickets are now available on MeraEvents for Rs 2500 per person.

For more details and a full confirmed lineup, stay tuned to Holi Moo! Festival's Facebook page.

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