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Finally, Some Classic Punk-Adjacent Hard Rock! Guwahati Band Mindrust Does It Right

Jan 31, 05:14pm

Their single ‘Nightcharger’ is something for today’s old-heads

It’s not often that you find something that very clearly hearkens back to a sound and genre and still works here in 2023, but this might be it. The genre in question is approximately from 1999 to 2009, before the prog metal did a number on India’s listening public. This is heavy, it’s hard-hitting, and it’s riff-drums. It’s great.

The band in question is from Guwahati, they’re called Mindrust, and their single is called 'Nightcharger'. They have an EP coming out next month. And right from the beginning, you can tell this is really nicely mixed. The technical proficiency of the song can be left to enthusiasts (it's not meant to be super-intricate, of course), but the sheer fun quotient is more relevant to fans. And it’s fair to say that this song is pure fun.

It's a tight, heavy 3-minute track with really crushing guitars, drums and bass. There’s this feeling one can get with this sound where it seems like the instrumentation is almost punching you in the ear. In essence, it’s just a punchy rock single with a quick solo, refrain and some distorted vocals. But to be very honest, ‘Nightcharger’ is not a song to read (or write) about. It’s a song to listen to. So go listen to it.


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