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Goat Milk At A Rock Gig? Why Not?

Apr 21, 10:27am

Ever wondered how Ozzy Osbourne felt after biting the head off a bat during a live gig? Well, you may soon witness something similar. Just replace 'bat' with 'goat' and 'biting off the head' with 'paying a reasonable price to drink it'. 

Nothing says rock n' roll more than a gig featuring a farm, underground live acts and a particular animal's bodily fluid. And while several promoters continue to find unique ways to lure people to their gigs, AHA (Ambarnath Headbangers Association) have, essentially, made the most of their situation. Ambarnath, a suburb roughly 40 kms north of Thane, will host the first edition of 'The Big Jam' on 22 April. The venue for the gig is a legit goat farm. And the attendees will have access to unadulterated goat milk at a reasonable price. (Well, what more can you ask for?)


The Big Jam' is the first step by AHA to encourage and keep the live rock scene going. It caters not just to the suburban rock artists. Since, this is the first edition and the venue is away from the city, the gig will run on 'Pay-As-You-Wish' approach. "We want people to join in and know about the community rather than just entertainment," informed Evan Shimron, one of the AHA's founding members. 


The initiative, albeit new, took a few years to materialise. The existing members of the association were first introduced to each other almost a decade ago, thanks to the then popular networking site - Orkut. "Back in the day when scrapping was the new trend, Orkut was one of our primary sources to find out about gigs happening in and around Bombay. From that point onward, we (a bunch of people from the suburbs) as a group started attending gigs quite often and our group was pretty keen on finding new gigs through Orkut. ‘Ambarnath Headbangers Association’ is a group which was created during the Orkut days and is now being continued on Facebook." said Shimron, who added initiatives like Independence Rock and Space Jam (Santacruz) motivated them to execute an event like this. 


'The Big Jam' will kick off the first edition with four bands featuring with genres somewhere around alternative rock. Three Thane-based bands and one act from Kalyan will constitute the line-up for the first edition, and their respective geographical existence and an impressive setlist filled with originals helped the organisers in narrowing down the final performers.


Following are the bands:

Insignia – Insignia are a three-piece alternative rock outfit from Mumbai, India. They got off to a blazing start with one of their very early original tunes getting airplay on 94.3 Radio one. The band has since written over 40 original songs together and finally released their first single in 2015 called Paranoid City. The band is currently in the post-production phase of their debut album which will be released in the summer of 2018.

Cruize69 - Cruize69 is a Blues Rock power trio from Mumbai. The band focuses on making original music around the Blues Rock sound. They have won several college competitions and played gigs, festivals like Suburbia, Rampage to name a few around Mumbai.

Corner Café Chronicles - The band believes in creating songs transcending conventional genre boundaries with a spirit of experimentation; creating a defining sound. Not just the average brick in the wall. They are working on their next EP which focuses around ambient, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic fuzz-sphere.

Lobster Anomaly - Lobster Anomaly is more than just a four-piece jam band from the central suburbs of Mumbai. Their diverse musical influences have resulted in some eccentric sounding music that blends in elements of funk, alternative rock, blues, and jazz in a hard hitting but groovy and melodic way.


The organisers believe the gig can also act as a perfect getaway for the weekend from the hustle and bustle of the city. "The idea is to let them enjoy themselves rather than construct it as a big time rock concert or a professional indoor gig," added Shimron. 


Upon asked why did they choose a goat farm as the venue, Shimron replied, "We have been hunting for venues in our hometown since a few years. Finding a venue has always been a hindrance in executing this event. We finally got a venue through a common friend of ours who also was keen to help us out. This venue is his goat farm with a small open space which we thought would be a good and different experience for a rock show. It is located in the outskirts of Ambarnath and is covered with a lot of natural shade and is away from residential areas. The venue owners and some friends have agreed to offer some homemade food and fresh goat milk for reasonable prices."


Did we mention that the venue is a Goat Farm and that you can take a tour of the farm, talk to the goats and drink fresh goat milk? While the country is riding high on gau-mutra, these organisers have played safe with a more acceptable fluid. Not often would you get an opportunity to announce "I attended a rock gig, entered a moshpit and drank goat milk." And if you wish to make the most of it, follow the code.



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