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Hedrun Remix EP Is Beautifully Rich & Relaxing

Jun 11, 07:30pm

The remix EP for Hedrun's Dear Craving/Chirp EP dropped on June 5

Palash Kotharii aka Hedrun released his EP 'Dear Craving/Chirp' on TAABIIR earlier this year with two tracks weaved in with rich tonality and timbres. His friends decided to have a spin at it and work on the tracks to create the Remix EP. Covering various styles - Cash, IO and Derain have indeed added their signature sound to Palash's tracks.


“I always wanted to rework one of Palash's pieces because of the harmonic and textural richness he had in his compositions. 'Dear Craving' felt perfect because I heard the possibility of re- harmonizing the main melody lines while being able to make some exciting textures using all the random modular synth patterns”
- Cash


Artwork: The Girl From The Sun


Released via TAABIIR, 50% of the earnings from the release will be directed  towards Mukti - an NGO working for people affected by Cyclone Amphan and COVID-19. Remaining 50% of the earnings will be donated to Black Lives Matter Global Network to help them in the fight against racism.


Listen to the remix EP here


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