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Tony Das And Sandeep Chowta Team Up On New Release

Jun 11, 12:53pm

Guitarist Tony Das & Composer Sandeep Chowta Drop “Re-Laxman Vol.1”
 Photo Courtesy: Namm Music

Sandeep Chowta is well known composer whose legendary work with background score on the movie “Satya” is still regarded as a game changer in the world of Bollywood movies. 


“In trying and difficult times our soul yearns for Shanti (peace) and Shambala (tranquility). Sandeep Chowta and his musical brother, guitarist Tony Das, have produced a new album titled Re-Laxman Vol 1. As the name suggests it is music to relax and de-stress with. ”
- Namma Music


Following a similar musical vibe as his previous release, “Matters Of The Heart” in 2013, Chowta has teamed up with Tony Das, (guitar player of bands “Peepal Tree” and the iconic “Thermal And A Quarter”) to create  “Re-Laxman Vol.1” an album meant for easy listening music. Chowta’s music label Namma Music has released this 6-tracks record, a combination of many influences in genres of pop, jazz-rock, guitar-music, fusion and hiphop. The common theme running through this album is Sandeep’s fantastic keyboard compositions overlaid by Tony’s beautiful guitar work, all working in harmony to create a nice chilled out and relaxed vibe. Tony has taken great care in crafting his guitar tones and melodies towards that end. Also included are two “JamTracks” for those that are musically inclined, giving them an opportunity to express their musical interpretation of the tracks.


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