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In Feb 2006, Superfuzz won GIR. Here is the full performance

Mar 15, 02:38pm

Watch full performance by Superfuzz in 2006 at the iconic GIR festival
 Photo Courtesy: Superfuzz


The iconic festival Great Indian Rock popularly known as GIR started in 1995 with a compilation tape of original songs from bands across India. 14 editions followed until 2010 as it gained iconic status becoming the only legitimate platform to showcase original music outside of mainstream and leaving a large footprint that commands high recall among generations of followers even today. One of the first nationwide multi-city music festivals of the country, GIR selected one band in each edition as a winner of the competing bands section. In 2006, Superfuzz performed at GIR proving themselves as skillful songwriters and a band to watch out for in the following years. A solid performance made the band real stars of the Indian independent music scene gaining a large fan-base overnight. Watch the full performance below:






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