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Jaipur Artist Mixed Signals' Peppy 'Unavailable' Is A Simple Bit Of Indie Rock

May 08, 05:32pm

Just a short, catchy little song about relationships. That's it.

Rushil Sudrania goes by the artist name ‘Mixed Signals’, because (according to him), this solo project represents him following his emotional and creative instincts without being bound by a specific genre or sound. So, it would be pretty logical to expect each single he puts out to sound different from the last. His last, ‘Silence’ with ero808, was a sort of murky, nocturnal bit of electronic music that drew from EDM, maybe even a little modern hip-hop. This new song is called ‘Unavailable’ and is flat-out radio-friendly indie rock. So you can appreciate the range.

The song deserves a listen because it’s simple, short and sweet; all hallmarks of good writing. There’s nothing that stands out in particular, but the song is a pleasant listen. This is sometimes a good thing; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding a vibe and just enjoying it for what it is. Rushil finds a simple guitar part, cutesy production (nice bass sounds, especially), some hummable vocals, a relatable subject and a nice hook. That’s… about it, and there’s some added flavour in the form of a short guitar solo at the end. ’Unavailable’ isn’t the kind of song one needs to think about, or frankly, even read about. There’s a good chance it will seamlessly fit into into your commute or work day, and that’s good enough.


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