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Klanjan Takes You On A Nice And Quiet Stroll With His New Song

Mar 23, 05:03pm

‘Knights In Shining Armour’ is a distillation of pop down to a T

Delhi artist Klanjan Borah is appealing to a very specific sentiment with his new tune ‘Knights In Shining Armour’. That sentiment is of bright colours, young love and generally upbeat things. Sure, there isn’t much to smile about in the real world, so how about we use music as an escape from it? If this is the goal of pop in the current timeline (possibly the darkest), then this song fits like a glove. It’s sunshine and rainbows but not in a manufactured, plastic way. As simple and smile-y as this kind of music is, Klanjan has written it quite sincerely. One can tell.

There isn’t really too much to do as far as ripping the song apart to find little touches or minutiae here. This is a good thing, because it means that Klanjan has put together a cohesive experience. What is it? Well, it’s a pretty straightforward indie ballad with a romantic bent to it. There’s a hook that you can’t not sing every time you hear, and the half-time bridge (a delightful little switch-up) is even more impossible to ignore. These are parts that will live rent-free in your head. Of course, it’s all performed really well too; Klanjan has a made-for-pop voice which he uses in the correct manner. The drums-acoustic guitar-bass arrangement is fit for purpose as well. There isn’t too much more to say, except that ‘Knight In Shining Armour’ is more a song to be listened to and enjoyed than broken down. So it’s worth doing that.


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