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Till.Apes Peel Back A Couple Layers On Their Summery New Single

Apr 02, 05:24pm

‘Sunday Bubble’ is a nice, easygoing track that is just a nice ol’ time

This matter of combining technical ability and really low-key, simple writing into something that does both things has been interesting to experience as a fan. It’s also what has got Bangalore’s Till.Apes a bunch of growth (and a Weekender spot, among other things) since the band started out. Their focus is on things like neo-soul, some jazz, some hip-hop and overall just nice vibes (that word is used far too in Bangalore these days, incidentally). Their grooves basically live deep in the pocket, the verses that live on top of them are really easy to catch and groove to, and you might even catch a few quotables in the process. Their new song is called ‘Sunday Bubble’ and it’s, well, summery!

This is quite custom-made to chill to. The groove is slow but not ponderous. There’s a tiny bit of saxophone (and more horns?) for some spice. Every syllable of every line is delivered in the most laid-back vocal fashion; you will feel yourself physically reclining in your chair. The album’s art is basically the easiest description of ‘Sunday Bubble’. It’s basically the auditory equivalent of lounging around and looking cool on a hot day. There isn’t much to write about, really; it’s a pretty straightforward tune. But the detail is in listening, which is how music is consumed.


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