• Sat, Jan 28, 2023

Mr.Ives Rides The Disco Revival Wave

Sep 10, 04:25pm

‘Retro Lifestyle’ is a safe but legitimate take on a genre making a comeback

There comes a point during any cultural or musical movement where you end up asking So it’s got to the point where everyone’s doing this now? and you end up being proved right. This nu-disco revival is slowly but surely getting to that place, though it isn’t quite there yet. There’s a very distinct feeling of Mumbai musician Zahid Nayani (aka Mr.Ives) being acutely aware of this and thus coming out of his single ‘Retro Lifestyle’ with a feeling that is more genuine than pastiche.

The retro synthpop and disco wave of the early to mid-80s is a strange musical place; if nothing else, everything that made it so compelling and nostalgic made it so insufferable to its first wave of fans all those decades ago. Zahid plays all of these facets of the sound up with supreme confidence, which is worth a listen in itself. Everything you might like about the chintzy, almost tongue-in-cheek lyrics of the time are here is spades. In fact, for what it’s worth, ‘Retro Lifestyle’ is a pretty faithful recreation of this squeaky-clean, 80s thing. If it hasn’t already worn itself thin, it’s well more than worth a couple of ‘rotations’ (haha?). It certainly has all the right ingredients.


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