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Shweta Srivastava Makes Music You Can Depend On

Sep 08, 01:59pm

Her single ‘Saturn’ is modern indie pop that does exactly what is advertised

Maybe it’s the fact that mobile data is a lot cheaper these days or that people are much more fast-and-loose with their opinions, but the Reddit era has spawned this ‘style’ of post where someone recounts their special relationship with a song or a personal story that makes a piece of music mean a lot to them. There’s an interesting facet to these things – very rarely does it depend on a genre or a particular time signature; that being said, certain types of music lend themselves to certain cultural moments. Today, there’s a bunch of wildly popular wistful, emo-inspired music floating around. ‘Saturn’, a new single from Lucknow-via-Mumbai artist Shweta Srivastava, is in this vein.

That’s not to put it reductively, to be fair. The tune is a solid, really nicely produced bit of atmospheric pop with a hummable hook, some smooth synths and a ballad-like ‘gait’ to it. This is absolutely destined for a moody Spotify playlist or the last twenty minutes of a party after most people have gone home. Special mention does go to Shweta from some pretty nice vocal harmonies and a confident vocal delivery. The final refrain that ends the song doesn’t explode into life from nowhere but stays in a comfortable place so you can sing along. The swirling little (arpeggiated?) synth is the through-line, which is a job it does well. But the whole way, there is that funny feeling of relatability; if you can imagine what that means. A feeling of familiarity and a thought that sounds something like ‘I remember feeling like this when…’. If that is a vibe you chase and enjoy finding, ‘Saturn’ is well and truly the song for you. And if not, it’s a strong outing for Shweta irrespective.


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