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How About and K/Who Combine On The Ethereal 'Salt'

Aug 10, 04:42pm

A futuristic, introspective and laid-back journey through the stars

How About (aka Abhiluv Chandel) is a producer, performer and engineer who dives deep into the world of glitched-out electronic music, bringing genres like DnB, glitch-step, R&B, hip-hop and EDM resulting into an overarching experimental pop sound. K/Who (the collaborator on this) is the pseudonym of Mumbai-based vocalist-songwriter-producer Krishna Ahuja; he uses it for his alternative hip-hop and R&B stuff. His music has an introspective bent to it; his releases have a decidedly thoughtful vibe to them. His influences range from jazz to hip-hop and R&B, so his sound has soul and keeps tabs on what’s current and modern. He has educational pedigree too, being an alumnus of the True School of Music in Mumbai.

‘Salt’ is How About’s third release. His thoughts on the tune are numerous; “It is set in a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic future where it's been centuries since we left Earth, rendering it uninhabitable. Now our species just travels from planet to planet, plundering whatever it wants for itself. Life itself has become chaotic and mainly about the survival of anyone who can manage to gather enough to survive another night. Among all this, two boys have decided to leave everyone behind and drive off into the abyss in a small spaceship. The entire song is essentially their thoughts taking shape in front of them. “

The soundscape of the track (airy vocals, pulsating beats, swells that wash over the listener, and especially one epic keys section around the two-minute mark), along with an impressive music video, completely immerse the listener in the atmospheric, outer-spacey setting that How About has gone for. ‘Salt’ is a gorgeously put-together song that lacks for hardly anything and is a testament to the musicality and knowledge of the artists involved, further proved by the writing process behind it: “Everything that you hear in this song has been recorded, processed and/or created in a small 1RK apartment in the heart of Mumbai. Spending countless nights in the confines of a small room and working on truly unreliable equipment really challenged us to get creative with how we make music. A lot of real-time hardware manipulation was done on this song repeatedly to capture the essence of being in outer space.”

Going by what How About aims to achieve with their sound, they’re without a doubt on the right path: “The whole idea behind making music as How About was to achieve an experimental pop sound that had unconventional elements from genres like glitch-hop, DnB and neo-soul engraved into it, which is why the sounds used in this song have been sampled and processed in a way which would be considered unorthodox.” If their words don’t convince, clicking play probably will. Keep a long night of chilling handy.


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