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Chirag Todi Continues His Pop Growth On The Vibe-y 'Love Nobody'

Jul 23, 10:46am

Collaboration is a double-edged sword; this single ends up on the right side of things

We haven’t checked in on Ahmedabad singer-songwriter Chirag Todi in a bit, actually. He has been releasing music pretty consistently over the last couple of years; last year had an EP and a couple collaborative singles. This year, he continues in that vein with this here single ‘Love Nobody’. It has Ramya Pothuri and RANJ on it, two pretty distinctive voices in their respective niches of modern indie (pop, R&B, hip-hop, whatever Spotify tells you on its curated playlists). This song is going to land on an upcoming album that highlights collaboration with artists all over the country, so it’s possible that each song is going to have its own sound. This one is smooth.

The song takes many a cue from dance-funk and a bit of the smooth synthpop, evidenced from the highly rhythmic guitar playing, some strings and synths straight out of G-funk (maybe) and a bassline to die for, because what would this sound without that. It’s smart of all the writers involved that they pull everything out of the arrangement for RANJ’s verse before giving her a much more half-time, slinky groove; that’s just a solid idea that does the job as well as you could want. There’s not much to get into unless you are one for production touches and certain tonal ideas, but what’s important on ‘Love Nobody’ is its sense melody and groove (as further evidenced by Lizzo on her last single, which lives in the same apartment complex as this one). Chirag and co. do approach this idea of fun in a more studied way than most, but if it brings results, not much else matters.


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