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Vineeth Vincent Makes A Musical Splash On His Single 'Colour'

Jul 28, 01:02pm

The tune is an emotionally charged debut
 Photo Courtesy: Mahesh Nair

Vineeth Vincent is an artist that doesn’t really require an introduction for those in the scene, a well-known figure in not just the Bengaluru entertainment and event industry, but also across the country. With over a thousand shows to date, around 17 years across multiple stages, and performances with prominent acts, Vineeth is a veteran beatboxer, emcee and performing artist. He even has two world records to his name (!), one with the Limca Book of Records for the largest human beatbox ensemble comprising of 2,136 participants, and a Guinness World Record for the largest human beatbox ensemble with 1,246 participants (that has been broken since.)

Vineeth is now exploring his musical side with an upcoming debut album Growing Up and Then Some that is scheduled to launch in September, and ‘Colour’ is the first single; it also features an accompanying music video. Speaking about the track, Vineeth says, “’Colour’ is a song about the burdens and judgments we carry towards ourselves and others.” Clocking in at just under four minutes, the track is reminiscent of emotionally charged classic rock ballads. It is well-polished and fleshed out with crisp and clean production and a multitude of layers that leave plenty of room for everything to sound large, while not taking the listener away from the intimacy of the quieter moments in the song. The lyrics are indicative of an experienced artist, a person that has seen quite a lot in life, expressing it the way they know best: through their craft.

While the song ends in a quiet whisper-like fade over a soft piano line, this marks just the beginning of what promises to be an interesting album to come. The second single and music video are expected to release next month in August.


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