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Mumbai Based Music Unltd. Release Generic But Feel-Good : Play Me A Song

Jun 08, 05:38pm

The new single is in two languages but musically squarely in the middle of one road
 Photo Courtesy: Music Unltd.

It’s a little confusing as to why music like this is being released in 2019; not because of the sound of the production or the performances on the track or whatever, but it really is hard to explain what songs like ‘Play Me A Song’ want to do. The thing is in this case, it’s almost impossible to understand what the thinking behind the tune even is.

In terms of the nitty-gritty of the track (production, performances and so on), everything’s just about fine but nothing particularly stands out. There are drums, acoustic and piano that function as the rhythmic backbone of the track, while the soloing and bridges are left to a flute (which is probably the only vaguely arresting element of the entire thing), but there really isn’t much to say past that. Milind Chitnavis’ lyrics are often hilariously simple and stop maybe a centimetre short of being naïve, but they’re sincere enough, one would suppose. Any which way, they aren’t front and centre, and maybe that helps the song. 



But what is really interesting is why this track exists musically today. A lot of stuff being released is experimental, cutting-edge and is trying its damnedest to carve out a niche for the artists making it. There are almost as many sub-genres as there are musicians these days, and that’s because there are more listeners than ever before, and making something interesting and new is one of the most important ways to grab people’s attention. There are experiments in sound, lyricism and atmosphere in a lot of music (even popular music) that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. So in an odd way, what makes ‘Play Me A Song’ (or ‘Chhedo Koi Geet’, if you’d like) even a little fascinating is that it does a grand total of zero things to stand out in any way. Even more weirdly, it doesn’t seem like it wants to either. It’s just a cool little song with a nice sound and a simple melody. That’s it. For what it’s worth, that’s decent, I guess. But if you feel like this song is in your lane and was written for your ears, congratulations!


Check out the video of 'Play me a song' below:




Check out "Chhedo Koi Geet" below:




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