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Play Rohan Raveesh's Smooth Single 'Drift' On A Busy Work Day

Oct 16, 05:31pm

This quiet bit of laid-back indie pop starts from a lo-fi base

‘Lo-fi’ (in its 2010s avatar) is largely inoffensive; ambivalent and comfortable. There aren’t many people who outright hate the sound. It’s always been that thing that you throw on when you have something to do and don’t want to be disturbed, or you’re a bit tired and don’t want to listen to music too personal to you. This feeling is echoed by the fact that the biggest bit of press the genre received this year was of a ‘study music’ Youtube stream being shut down after more than 20,000 hours (yes, the one with the girl reading; it was due to an incorrect copyright strike). Bengaluru artist Rohan Raveesh uses this agreeable foundation to build a pop song. And of course, it’s rather nice.

To be fair, it’s not like Rohan phones it in. He puts some nice layered vocals on the song’s woozy melodic through-line, and uses a guitar to great effect. There’s a faraway-sounding lead bit that’s super atmospheric, and a more chord-y line for that sweet groove. For a song that’s two and a half minutes long, there’s a surprising amount of replayability to ‘Drift’. But most importantly, Rohan seems to care about the genre he adheres to, and those elements are what makes the tune work. The beat is characteristically muffled. The production is as non-intrusive as deliberately possible. This is something you will appreciate because you can give it a listen without it getting in your way. There are situations aplenty when that is required, and this song is right for it.


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