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Sheil Sagar Explores An Age Gone By On New Single

Mar 24, 04:30pm

‘Before It Goes’ is piano-backed and old-school
 Photo Courtesy: Deepak Goel

Sheil Sagar hasn’t been releasing music for long; his first single came out earlier this year. This, ‘Before It Goes’, is therefore conclusively his second. It shows his strength as a vocalist and songwriter primarily, but it also has a quality that gives it an important charm. That quality is its rose-tinted look back at the past and its equally warm, comfortable production. If someone wanted to remake some old Tin Pan Alley musical, this would be the ‘sitting in the rain sadly’ song without a doubt.

There aren’t a whole lot of elements to ‘Before It Goes’. There’s the piano, of course, and then there is Sheil’s voice. And his voice is compelling enough that it can do most of the heavy lifting and still not be a drag. It’s not like the song, which is under three minutes long, would drag in the first place, but it’s refreshing to maintain such a simple palate. His vocals have a deep but clear tone to them that truly does echo the old ‘moving picture’ singers of days past. The piano also periodically doubles up his vocal melody for some colour and there are a few harmonies for a bit of depth. To be fair, there isn’t too much to explain with this song. It’s a simple piece and a nostalgic listen, and that should be enough for anyone to give it a couple of minutes and maybe even a few more.


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