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Kolkata Artist Anahata Dials Up The Prog Fusion

Mar 17, 04:34pm

‘Banjare’ is very cleanly produced and written; it continues Indian indie fusion’s hummable direction

Yes, the new single from Sujeet Thakur (Anahata) is another in a crowd of catchy as hell ‘progressive’ music that combines rock and metal that verges on pop-rock and, well, classical elements. It isn’t all about the way they work together, however; sometimes slapping one sound on top of the other without the right balance goes over rather badly or sounds painfully pretentious. Anahata avoids this often song-ruining risk by keeping his influences almost completely separate on his single ‘Banjare’. There’s no mixing and matching here, and it’s possible to say the song is better for it.

‘Banjare’ gains a lot from being very clear and direct with its transitions. Most of the song is basically a pop-fuelled arena rock tune complete with semi-chuggy riffs and a chorus every ground will sing along to. The classical (Hindustani in this case) comes in the bridge; it’s quiet, low-key and serves as something of a break before everything kicks off again to end the track. There are layered vocal harmonies, a bassline that does the job and some well-chosen melodies here. But what the song gains from its clean lines, so to speak, it loses in smoothness. ‘Banjare’ does sound like one song with another song stuck in the middle as an interlude. But as anyone who listens to this kind of music might know, there are always advantages to that approach. Whether you are jarred by it depends on you, but the parts that make up the whole are very much up to scratch.


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