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The New Single From Niranjan Menon Features Collaboration And Fusion

Mar 12, 04:19pm

Future bass, classical and five artists in one single? Yes, sure.

Remember when music used to be made and credited by ‘Various Artists’? This new single from singer-songwriter-guitarist Niranjan Menon (and friends, one might add) features awesome production, a marriage of sounds you wouldn’t even see at the registry office (but you should) and a truly fun song. These are words of appreciation, but most of it comes from the fact that the combination of sounds and talents is as seamless as it is. ‘Apologise’ is an entertaining pop tune whose cleverness lies under its accessible surface.

The team is Niranjan, violinist K.S.Ravisankar, singer-songwriter Mitra and producers CZA and Artemis Fall. Of course, the first thing one would assume is that it’s a simple case of too many cooks. But they contribute in well-controlled amounts and make sure no toes are being trod upon. At least that’s how it sounds. What does come out of it is a great hook, great trap percussion, bubbly synths, Carnatic flute and violin elements, and- that’s right. The track combines elements of future bass (think every single Youtube video intro since 2016) and bits of classical instrumentation. Of course, the overall idea is being explored more and more with sampling and Indian hip-hop, but this performed approach gives it an undeniably interesting vibe. It does generate a bit of a laid-back raise of the eyebrow when you first notice it, but it meshes with everything rather well. In fact, this is the smooth and non-intrusive aspect that ‘Apologise’ does right. You sort of realise something’s different and not notice anything amiss at the same time, and that allows the song to be the pop tune it is. But if you pay a little attention, there is fun to be had.


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