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Kevin Fernando Continues His Climb

Mar 04, 04:20pm

His new single ‘i’ll find my way to you tomorrow’ is another step in his indie-darling trajectory

Chennai’s Kevin Fernando has been around in bands like Vertigo, who were making waves in the South Indian indie circuit not so long ago. Now he is making indie music as a solo artist and voila; Spotify playlists, their Radar program and widespread listenership have turned up at his door. It’s not a fluke or anything, by the way. He can write a song, croon his way into the speakers in most mood-lit bedrooms and his laid-back delivery is that perfect tone where love songs are sad but not too sad, so your real life doesn’t rear its ugly head. Now that’s good listening.

His single ‘i’ll find my way to you tomorrow’ fulfils all these things very satisfactorily. Its tempo is jaunty and its demeanour sunnily sad. Get your heartwarming indie checklist ready; acoustic guitars? Yes. The most tasteful solo? Sure! Subtly layered harmonies? Absolutely. A chorus that has range but stays in that comfortable space that begets much use of the replay button? Obviously. And of course, it doesn’t even be need to be said that the song ends on a refrain. Why wouldn’t it? It’s also not like Kevin’s phoning it in; he’s a damn good writer, a good singer, a sensibly restrained guitarist and most importantly, he doesn’t draw out his material for minutes on end. That’s what ‘replay’ does.


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