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The New Single From Akanksha Sethi Is High On Drama

Mar 02, 03:51pm

‘Winter’ is a slow, lovelorn and sentimental trip; it is also not afraid to commit to it
 Photo Courtesy: Suhasi Mittal

There are no prizes for guessing what Lucknow singer-songwriter Akanksha Sethi’s new single ‘Winter’ is about. Yes, it’s about love and all that. Yes, it sounds like what you may have in your head if you’re feeling a bit emotional on a given evening. But all that is missing the point in a way. While its context is what gives it its personality, it doesn’t say enough about the song’s execution. And that is precisely where she gets it all right. ‘Winter’ goes over very well indeed.

The song’s production is melodramatic and poppy as all hell, and that’s what is so good about it. It's self-aware enough to know it isn’t some complex meditation on feeling. There’s no pretense or half-assery here. The song wants to be a highly strung, emotional piano ballad that is accessible and, most importantly, simple in its scope. ‘Lost’ is sadness and drama through and through; this is helped by excellent instrumentation and a great vocal performance. Akanksha’s melodies are on point and her voice is well modulated. She also picks lines are as catchy as they are wistful (think every sad pop song you liked in your youth). This is backed up by full-sounding pianos and strings that keep that whole lovelorn thing front and center. There are also a couple of tasteful flute elements and when the songs shifts into its ‘pre-intermission movie scene’ section halfway through, all the sounds open up in the most satisfying of ways. The chords are great, the drums are simple and the guitars work exceedingly well. This is exactly why describing ‘Lost’ by just taking its general mood and subject matter is a bit of a disservice to the quality Akanksha (and co.) brings to the table. Yes, as mentioned, it’s romantic, it’s pop and it’s sniffle fodder. It’s also pretty darn good.


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