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Pop Duo HelloDuck Release Accessible New Single

Feb 23, 04:24pm

If you are unsure whether catchy pop melodies and rattling trap drums go together, ‘Saazish’ provides more information on the topic

West Bengal duo HelloDuck has been teaming up film-style sugary pop tunes with the last decade’s electronic trends in their recent output. ‘Saazish’ is another exploration in this vein; the question it poses is: Is it possible to unsafely vibrate your woofer and give you that sweet, sweet sentimentality that our popular music has always had? The answer is for you to decide, but HelloDuck make a good fist of it.

The drums that provide the song’s surprising turnt-ness don’t even turn up until halfway through the track, so the punch is rather unexpected. That’s something that ‘Saazish’ sorely needs, because until it does come around with its vaguely drill-y patterns, wicked 808-type sounds and subterranean bassline, the song is pretty much just a by-the-numbers romantic tune you’d find on the preferred radio station (we call those ‘playlists’ these days) of your choice. But when the hook comes in with its energy, it is disruptive in a nice way once you get used to it. The vocals are all chopped up, blended and messed with to change the mood. That melody still hangs around though, so if your interest is in singing along, you can still accomplish that. Just put a table fan in front of your mouth or something. HelloDuck is also aware that their song wouldn’t be what it is without change and freshness, and perhaps that is the most important thing to take away from it.


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