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Kolkata Crooner Topshe Goes Minimal

Feb 15, 02:25pm

‘All I Want’ is a disarming, simple song that tells its story with no fuss
 Photo Courtesy: Ranabir Das

Singer-songwriter Topshe makes unassuming indie-pop; there’s no need to say too much more than that, to be fair. His instrumentation is fairly simple, he tells endearing stories and his vocals are in a comfortable listening space where they aren’t overly challenging or mind-numbingly boring. Simplicity is the general vibe of the music he offers and his new single ‘All I Want’ is almost purely that.

The skeleton of the song (which is pretty much everything, honestly) is a old-school disco-pop drum sound, a synth and his voice. He tells a bittersweet story of loneliness in the big city and that’s pretty much the only thing to focus on. It’s well told, nicely written and evokes feelings of exactly that; that empty minute you spend alone wondering if you have a fulfilling life or relationship or social life. It is a bit one-note in that regard, but ‘All I Want’ isn’t really going for anything more than being a narrative with a background. From that point of view, it’s quite sweet and charming.


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