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Goan Songwriter Jaden Maskie Starts The Year Off Strong

Feb 11, 04:26pm

His new single ‘Rhythm Of My Heart’ is a quality and lovely bit of modern soul-influenced pop
 Photo Courtesy: Ethan Mascarenhas

Young Goan singer-songwriter Jaden Maskie is on his fourth single, which is increasingly becoming the new sign of an artist hitting their stride (considering albums and EPs are getting relatively more difficult to make and release in these times). It seems like he has a solid grip of indie sensibilities and songwriting considering ‘Rhythm Of The Heart’ doesn’t put a foot wrong. This is high-level pop material with flourishes all over the place; r&b, neo-soul and good old indie all make an appearance. He handles it all with ease.

His voice is what really carries the song. He has the dance and r&b stylings of a Justin Timberlake-style vocal delivery and a more soul-oriented thing with his mini-runs; he marries that with a strong hook and a great refrain. The percussion is also dealt with interestingly with its rather subdued four-on-the-floor groove. The acoustic guitars are splendid, the chords are awesome and the tiny vocal break before the last refrain is oh-so right. There is autotune on his voice here and one would assume the jury is out on whether it’s being used as an aid or an instrument (a ton of old-school thinkers find this to be more important than if the song sounds good or not), but it contributes to how smooth and clean everything sounds. A must-listen.


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