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Electronica Duo Shoals Turn Up The Style On Slinky Single

Feb 08, 03:38pm

‘Incandescent Eyes’ features Pittsburgh artist Evan Isaac and shows that it doesn’t take a zillion elements to create a smooth jam

Delhi’s Shoals consists of Utkarsh Varma and Sidharth Gupta, two artists that have spent a little time in the production space (for hip-hop et al), their first single of this year ‘Incandescent Eyes’ is a charming little piece of what might qualify as a trip-hop-adjacent, nocturnal jam with nods to r&b and, well, hip-hop. Shoals succeeds where others sometimes fail here; as many labels as one might stick onto this track, what really stands out is its simplicity. In collaboration with songwriter Evan Isaac, they pick and choose exactly what’s important, and that takes a good ear.

What’s important (or highlighted at the very least) on ‘Incandescent Eyes’ are vocals, bass and being careful with embellishments. The piano is treated like any sample, but when a guitar, synth or even pitched up vocals do enter the mix, they are so non-instrusive that sometimes you have to search for them. But that’s a good thing here. Finding these small touches and snatches is satisfying and also makes you pay more attention to what does the heavy lifting; a rounded and irresistible bassline, a laidback but forlorn vocal delivery that goes over well, and a tight drum loop. Those three things are front and centre. Of course, it would get old at some point, but ‘Incandescent Eyes’ comes in at under three minutes, so it doesn’t. It’s simple and well executed. Not much more to ask for.


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