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Yodadrunk Teams Up With Compass Box For New Video

Jan 30, 04:39pm

Yohan Marshall makes use of the frankly ridiculous talent at Compass Box for a live version of ‘Maya The Illusion’

It’s no secret that Ahmedabad’s Compass Box Studios has been shadow-producing a lot of the best-sounding alternative music this past year, and this new release, ‘Maya The Illusion’ from Yodadrunk (Yohan Marshall) is just another entry in their ledger of well-made, well-produced and properly promoted singles. There’s a standard of music in what is quickly becoming an institution and that is well met here; strong grooves, strong vocals and strong production. The fact that all this didn’t need to be stated in the first place is a testament to Yohan’s and Compass Box’s credibility.

Brass tacks are not the point here. Yohan is an excellent drummer and songwriter, so the quality of the song is never in doubt. It moves swiftly from section to section, rap to rock, calm to not-calm as if the people making have been doing it for years. In case the penny doesn’t drop from how smooth the production is, yes; the people making it are used to it. There’s live instrumentation here, but it’s performed with a level of quality that suggests nonchalance and a high level of proficiency. That is a compliment.


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