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Footnotes 2020 - What We Missed

Jan 27, 03:20pm

There was a lot of music that we couldn’t cover last year. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t notice.

2020 was a busy year for the indie world just by virtue of the sheer amount of music that came out in spite of the industry and its revenue basically disappearing due to the coronavirus. No one could tour, no one could play live and it all looked quiet in the worst possible way. But while it’s still tough to play shows and ever harder to earn anything, independent artists just kept plugging away as they always do. So, during the lockdown, there was an absurd amount of music pouring into our inboxes and filling our ears. And we covered some of it, but we weren't able to highlight many of the releases that came out over the year. So we’re trying to do that now.

‘Footnotes’ is a series of playlists we will be releasing featuring some of the music we could not cover in 2020 from the sheer volume of it. It’s not right not to highlight these artists, not right to not tell people to listen to these releases, and not in any way possible to do it in one go. So we’re starting in parts; it’s currently on Spotify and will be on Youtube as well (those that are available).

Give these creative people some credit for having the guts and the motivation to put out music during the weirdest year of the 21st century. Also give them some of your time and let them tell their stories. If nothing else, they’ve earned it. And they haven’t been able to earn much else, so as they wait and try to make their lives viable again, we should support them all the more.

Listen to ‘Footnotes 2020, Part 1’ here.

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