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GrooveBot Releases Heavy New Single With Futuristic Music Video

Jan 25, 02:27pm

The propulsive ‘Gentle Scars’ features a few 80s touches, a dark theme and pseudo-game footage
 Photo Courtesy: Roycin D'Souza

The blurb for the new single from Groovebot, the solo alias of Paradigm Shift’s Chinmay Agharkar, is pretty simple. It’s called ‘Gentle Scars’, it features Siddarth Basrur on vocals, and it’s a sort of marriage between synthwave, ambient music and metal. The music video is rendered in Unreal Engine (it looks like) and is basically cutscenes from a game that doesn’t really exist. That’s about it, and Groovebot combines all this to craft a fun listen.

The riffs are lean and mean here; the distortion is lovely and the drums play a repeptitive and uptempo groove over some sequenced analog synths. There is a machine-like quality to the track until it opens up right at the end with a ‘breakdown’ of sorts that is in reality just a half-time section which, by design, hits far harder than the couple of minutes preceding it. The synths in questions provide a great pulse at the beginning, the tones are great, Siddarth Basrur is obviously excellent (there’s honestly no need to keep repeating it; we know he’s going to be great anywhere let alone a rock or metal context) and the breakdown really does bop. The video is also shockingly well made; there is a pedigree to the visual work that you can sense. Together, they result in a great way to spend five minutes.


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