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Check Out This Loving New Track From Electronic Artist La Gruve

Jan 26, 09:42am

The Mumbai-based musician delivers a cute and catchy electronic pop tune
 Photo Courtesy: Kanakjyoti Hariharan

Indraneel Hariharan makes music as La Gruve, a sort of electronic endeavour with some elements from the more live end of the spectrum sprinkled in. That sounds like a good combo and it is; his new single ‘Try’ is a jaunty and evocative instrumental with some very simple but fitting vocal melodies. It’s also only three minutes long and, as mentioned earlier, has some nice organic elements in the form of nicely played guitars. The song has an oddly nostalgic air to it, and that’s really nice.

That nostalgia comes from a range of interesting sounds in the sense of time. The synths are nostalgia in the way that the psych-rock and 80s pop revival sounds of today are; they are dynamic and sound like they’re always moving around (which they technically are, of course). The guitars stay in the background playing melodies until they get a section all to themselves in the form of a little solo, which you wouldn’t expect one bit but is a nice touch all the same. The chopped up vocal sampling that forms part of the instrumental in parts is also an ‘old’ thing that was absolutely huge just a couple of years ago, it seems. Indraneel’s vocals are also slow in tempo and don’t bounce around all over the place with runs and so on, which hearkens back to the more indie side of the genre. There’s quite a lot of nice stuff on ‘Try’ in just three minutes and there’s no reason not to spend that time on it.


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