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Manas Jha Goes Topical On New Single

Feb 06, 02:08pm

‘Nukkad Closed’ is a tribute of sorts to a woman that carved her own niche

Garima Kothari did a lot of things. She was an investment banker and decided to pursue a career in food. Then she was a finalist in Masterchef India, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu (I know!) and opened the Nukkad restaurant in New Jersey. That’s not a story you hear every day or a person you don’t look up to. Songwriter Manas Jha channels this for his new single ‘Nukkad Closed’ in memory of her recent passing, but it isn’t your typical eulogy. It’s confident, heavy and features Keshav Dhar. Now that’s interesting.

There is a sense of power and meaning that Manas and Keshav infuse into the track by way of certain well-worn prog tropes, but in context, they work really well. It’s thoughtful in spirit, it has a certain weight to it, and of course, there are riffs. The modern (and now well-known) progressive metal production Keshav is so good at shines here. Manas also adopts a clean and rather low-key vocal delivery here, and it’s a good thing; the power of the instrumentation is what carries ‘Nukkad Closed’. Headbanging to a memory is often a rather harrowing experience, but it’s cathartic too. This is the case here.


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