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Guitarist-Songwriter ASHWYN Comes Out With Soulful And Nuanced Pop

Feb 13, 04:23pm

His single ‘Waiting For Someone’ is an example of how well-chosen sounds can be used to create something fresh

Bangalore-Boston musician Ashwin Sriram is good at writing simple and evocative music with a bit of subtletly and has built up a following of sorts with that blueprint. His new single with Canadian artist Tyler Simmons is called ‘Waiting For Someone’ and has a couple of interesting sonic choices under the surface. The surface is of course a great, understated and catchy tune; there wouldn’t be any point going deeper if the song in its essence wasn’t listenable. ‘Waiting For Someone’ is eminently so and thus makes all its little touches all the more rewarding.

Some sounds used here are a synth that isn’t flashy, a xylophone (or glockenspiel), the quietest percussion that provides no more than the ghost of a pulse (a kick and handclap that sit interestingly far back in the mix) and strings. Of course, as is increasingly the case in most pop or pop-adjacent music today, the bassline is quietly the star of the song, giving it its groove and a really cool melody if you look for it. Beyond these things, ‘Waiting For Someone’ has snatches of early-decade anthems and an infectious vocal melody that sells it all. It comes in at under two and a half minutes but Ashwin and Tyler find time to get in a lovely little bridge, a great hook and an altogether well packaged listening experience.


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