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Caramel Sons Present Cheerful Indie Rock On New Single

Mar 16, 04:01pm

‘What has happened to your face?’ has a good sense of indie songwriting (and a little drama)

Paris-based band Caramel Sons is very much in the modern indie blueprint. Abhishek Joshi and Matthias Wagner, judging by their single ‘What has happened to your face?’, seem to enjoy their mellow hooks, simple drum grooves and clean-ish guitar tones. They also have a sort of balance between jaunty humour and the slightest tinge of melancholy. That’s a good recipe for making a solid modern indie rock song; they have done just that.

As you would expect from the first single from an upcoming album called ‘Jean-Jacques Jugaad’, ‘What has happened to your face’ doesn’t take itself too seriously. Abhishek’s vocal delivery is deep but sort of tongue-in-cheek the whole way through, which is the right thing to do in context. That context is organs, guitars and drums. Matthias has an everyman vibe to his contribution and he arranges the instrumentation with aplomb. The song is sharp and clean in its sound but has the woozy, mellow sound artists like Mac Demarco used to take over the mid-2010s ‘mild sorrow’ movement. The song itself adheres to a simple verse chorus structure with a bridge that has- that’s right, a little spoken interlude or sorts. Caramel Sons don’t jump through hoops to give their music any extra punch or personality. They are comfortable in their own skin, and that’s what shows the most with ‘What has happened to your face?’.


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