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The Supersonics: Getting Back The Supersonic Speed

Aug 14, 12:22am

The Supersonics is a Calcutta based rock n' roll band which has had an eventful journey since its birth in 2006. The group is finally putting some fresh new tunes on the table to taste with the release of their second album, Heads Up, produced by the well respected Miti Adhikari in association with Red Bull.

Keeping the buzz alive with a slew of promotional activities in the recent past, The Supersonics – a Calcutta based Rock n Roll band – are finally all set to release their second full length album, titled Heads Up, along with a music video on August 13 and 14. A relatively old band if we go by the Indian band standards, The Supersonics have had a topsy turvy journey of sorts; formed in 2006, the band released their first album Maby Baking way back in 2009 before dropping the meteor by a surprise break-up in 2010, only to get back together two years later, and ultimately climb up to the present state of affairs. “Since we got back together in 2012, we’ve been working on a lot of songs. There have always been a lot of unrecorded songs,“ says Avinash Chordia – drummer of the group – regarding the inception and development of the songwriting process for the new album.

Though the new album comes after a clattering gap of five years, it has been pointed out by Avinash that musically speaking, the product is significantly different from their previous release. “Genre wise its still rock n' roll," Avinash says, "We’ve always considered ourselves a rock n' roll band. While the last album was a little dark lyrically, the new one is a lot more positive and mature. We’ve grown as musicians and have got inspired by many other bands in the process.”

The production duties of the album were handled by Miti Adhikari, a well renowned name even in the international music circuit, with a history of working with top notch artists like Nirvana, Radiohead, and Coldplay. Continuing their association with him since the days of stitching together their first album, one can sense a feeling of fondness in the relationship when Avinash says, “The producer is a really cool guy. We’ve been working with him for almost 6-8 months for the album. Otherwise we’ve been working together for a long time. He actually pushes the songs as a producer.” Moreover, apart from the producer, the band has been equally praiseful towards Red Bull, which as Avinash opines, deserves full credits as it had given them a free hand creatively.

Although, the band is consciously not signed to a record label, the elaborate plans it has to promote its music to ensure that it reaches the largest of audiences suggests otherwise. With the launch gigs in Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, and many more, complementing the online release of the music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The band seems to be picking up some ‘supersonic speed’ after a relative lull in the past. The future definitely seems promising here if the momentum is maintained.

Buy the album online here.

Stream Heads Up by The Supersonics here.

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