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There's A Little Spark On The Debut From Bengaluru's No Neighbours Around

Oct 21, 12:13pm

This band might be worth watching out for

Alt-rock four-piece No Neighbours Around (also stylized as NNA; unsure why) started their journey a couple years back, and ‘In The Night’ is their debut single. That’s already a good thing; bands that spend some time playing live and sharpening their writing generally end up with better early releases. That being said, a debut single like this is one song from one band, and while it might be a good representation of their sound, it often isn’t worth making conclusions at this stage. This is because, at best, what this short and punchy tune shows is potential. And there seems to be some of that.

‘In The Night’ is not particularly attention-grabbing as much as it is a solid, safe bet. The band chooses to stay away from anything left-of-centre, so what we get is just a simple, short, pleasant rock song with some of the funk-ish influences modern pop brings. This works out here because the band keeps things simple and gets all those things right. The bass tone is bags of fun. The guitars are super clean when they need to be, and a bit driven when the hook makes its appearance. The vocals range between croons and straight-ahead rock delivery, which isn’t much range, but again, everything is just so. There’s a short lead bit that ends the song a bit abruptly (two and a half minutes isn’t short by any means, but it does seem a bit cut off) and a couple of agreeable transitions in and out of each section of the track. NNA is off to a decent start here, and they seem to understand the importance of a strong, basic foundation. That’s the sign of a band that might put out good stuff with some consistency.


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