• Thu, Apr 9, 2020

Virtuoso Keyboardist Karan Joseph dies at 29 -Music community in shock!

Sep 09, 06:54pm

Virtuoso Keyboard Player Karan Joseph dies at 29. Music community in shock.
 Photo Courtesy: Karan Joseph Social Pages

Keyboardist Karan Joseph aka Madfingers passed away today of an apparent suicide. He was 29 years old. Joseph, known for his virtuosity was a hugely respected and popular figure in the Indian Independent music scene. Social media today is filled with condolences pouring in from across the nation. The keyboardist has performed with stellar artists like Soulmate, DCF drummer Lindsay D’mello, Randolph Correa and many more. The reason for suicide is not yet known.



Here are some messages from the music community on FB today:




Watch his performance below with DCF:




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