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We Are On Clubhouse!

May 29, 07:30pm

We are doing interviews, discussions and much more

Clubhouse just came out in India for Android users and predictably, it's safe to say it's doing its job. Communities are springing up every day dealing with pretty much every topic under the sun. We're on Clubhouse now and our idea is still the same it's been all these years, which is work towards supporting the independent musicians we love so much while letting more people know. We've always been about getting the word out and this platform is just another way of doing that.

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform that encourages discussions; in it, you can join rooms and club where people are doing everything from pitching their startups to debating to talking about music (as we are). The app is available on the Play Store (and Apple's App Store) where you can download it, but you normally need an invite to get in. However, if you click on the link below and join our club (or join any of our rooms - follow our socials for those), that step gets skipped. So, you can come and be a part of this even if you do not have an invite. On the app, please click on the green-house icon next to our name to join the club.

We're doing an interview with indie musician Mali tonight at 10:00pm IST, another interview with Warren Mendonsa (if you don't know who he is for some reason, it's even more useful to come join our rooms) tomorrow afternoon at 1:00pm IST, and many more rooms to come; discussions, music talk, music industry talk, interviews, you name it. So come hang out with us, stay tuned and stay indie!


Click here to join the RSJ Club on Clubhouse

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