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Yesnomaybe Is New Media Deep Dive Into Digital Existentialism

Jun 20, 02:09pm

Delhi based Akshat Nauriyal's new solo project YESNOMAYBE drops his debut single with a music video

“Ashes is a song about disillusionment and feelings of isolation - of the lost potential of something pure and wondrous, slowly eroding”, says Delhi based Akshat Nauriyal, whose new solo project "Yesnomaybe" has dropped this debut single.

The music video for Ashes has been made with custom built Augmented reality filters which Nauriyal then post produced. “I wanted to use the face / body recognition ability of AR and explore it’s use as a performative tool - something I hope to experiment live with one day”, says the producer who is a New Media artist and also the drummer for Noise rock band Hoirong, and Prog Rock band Another Vertigo Rush. 



The track has an uneasy and propulsive air to it. The analog synths that fill every second of 'Ashes' sound simultaneously retro and futuristic. They go from tuneful to dissonant to a heavy layer of texture as the track goes on. Akshat's vocals also get more and more buried under the mass of synths and other sounds, eventually disappearing entirely as the song enters its final third only to return for one final refrain. Even the largely static drums have the steady air of what sequenced drum machines used to do before computers. He sings about suspension of disbelief and lost opportunities, and it seems like the song devolves into an overbearing web of sounds from its relatively clear, simple beginnings.


“All I can hope is that the song resonates with you in some way, and also let’s you know that you are not alone. We’re all going through this manic ride at different paces, and no one has it all figured out. So hang in there! ”
- Akshat Nauriyal (YESNOMAYBE)


Yesnomaybe lies at the intersection of art, music and technology. Exploring ideas of digital existentialism, Yesnomaybe is an audio-visual deep-dive into the human condition. This is the first release off the forthcoming EP 'Pastense' releasing later this year. The track is also available on all major streaming platforms.

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