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Barun Sinha's 'Song Of Her' Is Music For A Sunny Day

Unabashedly upbeat, and all the better for it.

Dec 16, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman

Long Distances Dips Into A Few Niches On Their Single 'Empire'

New band, new sound!

Dec 15, 2022

By Soumili Hira

Darren Fernandes Brings Tons Of Charm To His Debut 'Gabrielite'

If you’re going to let your songwriting speak for itself, this is how you do it!

Dec 13, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman

Rolland Shows His Cheesiest Self On The Pop-Fueled 'hopeless romantic'

Pop music is pretty good when an artist commits to it

Dec 10, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman

Gooth Brings The Vibes On 'Her Song'

Dec 07, 2022

By Soumili Hira

Sampriti Combines Africa And Assam On Her Slick New Single

‘KENIGOL’ fits both its disparate genre influences like a glove. That’s impressive.

Nov 30, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman

Liked By RSJ 2022

Tl;dr: Playlist series showcasing awesome Indian indie releases this year. The link's at the bottom of this article.

Nov 28, 2022

By RSJ Staff

Ratrodek Throws The Kitchen Sink At His Pop-Rock Debut

‘Chains Of Sorrow’ tries lots of things, but that means there’s something for everyone

Nov 25, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman

Mali Returns From A 'Break' With A Tone Change

Her new single ‘Ashes’ just dropped, and it’s a good ol’ pop anthem

Nov 23, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman

Sagar Kapoor Goes Delightfully High-Concept On 'Alvida'

A longform multi-genre tune inspired by the theater stage? Now we’re talking.

Nov 13, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman

The Sacred Geometry Show Depth On 'Paper'

There's quite a bit under the hood of this new single

Nov 10, 2022

By Soumili Hira

gini and Tansen. Come Together On The Short' Sweet 'Jugnoo'

The two producers seem to be vibing well on this collaboration

Nov 07, 2022

By Soumili Hira