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Demodemo By Dokodoko Is The Most Unremarkable Release Of The Year Nobody Was Waiting For


album Reviews May 17, 04:05pm

Not really, though.

Before you think that’s the review for this EP, that’s word-for-word how this duo (from Sikkim and Siliguri) describes their first extended play. It is, in all truth, far from unremarkable. This 5-song, 10-minute sonic experience is transcendental. Dokodoko provide some interesting lore on their origins: “Dokodoko's sound is transmitted, inter-dimensionally, through the voice of Dr. Kritika and the soundscaping abilities of Debo Sanyal. The pint-sized duo are mere translators to the Doksalvan doctrines which are processed into music with the sole aim of bridging the chasm between you (listener) and Dokodoko.” Cool? Cool.

The EP opens with arguably one of the quirkiest tracks on there, “Out of Sync.” This short track feels like an invitation to join their universe, with some great swells and impeccably timed pauses. With lines like “Are you ready to let go/Are you ready to conquer your human shell”, and a tight rhythm alongside fascinating sounds that run unhindered with some great variations, this track draws you in and plays off your curiosity to see what kind of trip the rest of Demodemo is going to take you on.

We can’t tell you what kind of a voyage this EP is going to be for you, but the other tracks on it hold up to the opener magnificently. There is not a dull moment with tracks like “Where Am I” filling you with a growing sense of dread and discomfort, with the unshakable feeling that there’s tension building, like a string drawn too tight, about to snap.

But the track(s) that has(have) the undeniable potential to be the biggest hit(s) (and rightly so) is “Heart+Heartheart”, “Heart” being a short 31-second intro that transitions without you noticing into the actual song, “Heartheart.” With a sweetly melancholic melody, simple yet solid beat and chord progression and some great leads, this song is the very definition of an earworm, and one for the ages. A bit of a change from the mood of the rest of the EP, it still fits very well into the soundscape of this auditory world. This song will have you listening to it on loop while you bop along to the rest of your day.

The sounds on this EP feel extremely well thought out. Nothing on this EP misses, and the almost-dreamlike quality of the vocals lends itself superbly to the inter-dimensional theme of the world of Dokodoko. As an added bonus, the duo have also put out amazing visualizers for each of the tracks that only further enhance the Dokodoko experience.

TLDR; Demodemo by Dokodoko? Bravobravo.


Listen to the EP here.

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