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Snorting Jatts Hint At Swagger And Personality


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Relatively flat production slightly hampers the fun and badass vibe of ‘Tabah’
 Photo Courtesy: Snorting Jatts

Snorting Jatts is a rock band from Ludhiana that brings riffage and spirited vocals. The general delivery of lead singer Tejinder Singh Dhir is everything that a good rock band should have; it’s energetic, it sounds like he doesn’t care about anything and it’s in your face. The band just screams attitude and personality; even their cover art (a bottle of whisky, duh) and their general presence is a lot of fun. If their otherwise catchy and fun new single ‘Tabah’ just sounded more like it felt, this would be even more of a win.



It really is true that everything on this track is a step in a good direction. There are half-time drums that give the track lots of groove. The main riff is a belter and sticks in one’s ears long after it’s done. The song clocks in at a bit under four minutes, which the right time to leave a listener without boring them. Guitarist Angad Singh Bahra even finds space to throw in a derivative but cool guitar solo into the mix. This song has everything, but its sound is what tempers the euphoric feeling anyone would otherwise get. Shantanu Kalla’s well performed drums don’t groove as much as they should (or did) and almost sound a bit programmed and stiff. Tejinder’s vocals are front and centre and are the best sounding element here, but what supports him sounds a bit disjointed. It’s almost like there is a bit too much separation between the bass, drums and guitars to sound cohesive. The bass has a grungy and growling tone but it just lacks the life it needs to really crush the ears as intended. There is altogether something a little odd about the overall sound in places like the solo and the (kickass) chorus where a little bit of looseness, dirt and rawness would have made a world of difference.

That being said, some nit-picking and a few sonic blemishes don’t ruin anything about ‘Tabah’ as a song. It’s a good showing from a band that will sound bonkers live just on the energy and strength of their songwriting. The overall listening experience is positive and should not be missed, especially the next time you feel like chugging an inappropriate amount of booze.



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