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Agni Webbed- Bharat Swamy Drops Explosive Sophomore Single

Jul 26, 03:34pm

Bharat Swamy of the legendary band Agni has releases “Tears Of Fire”
 Photo Courtesy: Agni Webbed

Bharat Swamy has released his new single “Tears Of Fire’ via solo-project Agni Webbed. Swamy addresses racism, domestic violence and all transgressions of the humankind through “Tears Of Fire” as song brings alive the doctrine of Karma. Reminiscent of the iconic Agni sound, Swamy’s commanding vocals contribute to the heavily groovy riff of the track. 

The Mrityunjay Mantra plays in the background, characteristic of Agni sound, and as Swamy’s tribute to Lord Shiva, the song serves as a quest to awaken mankind to the inevitable eventuality of divine intervention.


“I am confident that this song will awaken people across the globe and bring a new light of wisdom and enlightenment in their hearts.”
- Bharat- Agni Webbed




Bharat Swamy regroups with drummer Ashish Manchanda who was Agni’s early band member and aims to create music with universal messaging. “Tears Of Fire” has been released via Manchanda’s label Benison Records along with a music video conceptualised on the basis of "Garuda Purana”, an ancient scripture, which talks about the repercussions of different misdeeds. 

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