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Theharity Runs 15Kms Singing A Love Song- Watch

Jul 27, 01:36am

Theharity drops his next single “My Dreams” and shoots a music video across 2 States

Chennai based Sourabh Tyagi aka Theharity has dropped his next single in continuation with his previous releases that showcase his abilities to write songs that can catch your attention with just simple yet meaningful songwriting. His new single "My Dreams" is straight-ahead expression of love, a song that has come out of a dream and Theharity delivers it with an easy-going, accessible flow of words about an unknown, dreamy love. He further elaborates, “This love is so pure but vulnerable, so strong but weak without the lover”. 


“One night, I saw a dream & the next morning I wrote it down into my words. It took exactly 4:27 mins to write the lyrics & a whole year to make it as a song”
- Theharity about "My Dreams"


“My Dreams’ drops along with a one-take video, for which Tyagi ran 15 kms throughout the shoot singing the song as he crossed two States (started from Himachal Pradesh and stopped at Haryana). 



Watch below:






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