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When Chai Met Toast Is Coming Soon To A Groovy Party Near You

Jul 27, 09:56am

Their new single ‘Maybe I Can Fly’ is unabashedly dance-pop, loud and fun
 Photo Courtesy: When Chai Met Toast

‘Nee Aara’, the last released single from Kochi’s now-huge folk and indie rock band When Chai Met Toast, was a bit of a departure from the band, choosing heavy bass and propulsive grooves over their earlier rootsy sound. Their new single ‘Maybe I Can Fly’ is yet another stylistic shift; gone are some of the nuance and instrumental layering. This song is a head-nodding, eminently danceable banger.

The direction this song takes is patently obvious from the get-go. The volume and power of the synth bass-backed instrumental takes you by surprise on first listen. The verse is even more surprising with its pre-EDM percussive piano and woolly kick; there’s nothing else to support the vocals, which are similarly poppy and custom made for singing along. There is a euphoric air to the wordless choruses that nails the happy-but-sad vibe a lot of really popular dance music had. The song being about four minutes long relies on its refrain to keep the listener’s attention, and by the time it gets through a bridge and a sunny outro section, you will be probably still be humming it.

There’s not much under the hood on ‘Maybe I Can Fly’; it’s just When Chai Met Toast having fun. While it’s not rocket science, there is something of an art to writing a simple, spare song that hits hard, is easy to sing along to and is danceable. This is a good example of that.


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