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Tansen Has Lo-Fi Down To A T On Debut Single

Jul 29, 11:53am

‘Varanasi’ will help you study harder than you ever have before
 Photo Courtesy: Tansen

Whether it has become a meme or not, there’s a lot to get out of the now-wildly popular genre of lo-fi hip-hop. As good as it is for your slogging sessions or herbal inhalations, there is sometimes an emotional component of the warm and melancholy sounds of the often short and sweet songs made this way that is overlooked. When done well, it can be shy, sweet and rather sentimental. Tansen, a self-titled bedroom producer does a great job of bringing some weight to his debut ‘Varanasi’.

The textures used here are similar in spirit to another landmark of the lo-fi genre: Minecraft music (made by C418). There are soft pianos and synths that convey emotion while have a calming effect. The swung drums and warm acoustic guitars are par for the course as well, but the point of tracks like this is the overall effect all the disparate elements have. The general aura of texture and relaxation has a deep and bittersweet quality that is what the genre is all about. In the right mood, ‘Varanasi’ is surprisingly moving.


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