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Listen To Fragile 2020 As Ram Sampath Revisits Colourblind

Jul 31, 05:47am

The iconic producer/composer drops a new version of the Colourblind song Fragile
 Photo Courtesy: Colourblind

Colourblind, the Mumbai based band originally founded by Ram Sampath with guitar player Siddharth Achrekar, released their eponymous album in 1997. Since this was self-financed & produced by Sampath & no record label would back an English language rock act in India, he released the album on his own record label, “Mutherfunk Records”, which had a licensing & distribution deal with Sony Music India. The album sold out the first batch of 10,000 cassettes & over 2000 CDs in less than a month, unexpectedly. The songs are regarded as one of the most iconic works in Indian indie music even today.


“As a reaffirmation of life & it's infinite beauty, the song represents a brief, fleeting moment of serenity”
- Ram Sampath about FRAGILE


After 23 years, Ram Sampath, now a legendary composer and producer has revisited the album and dropped a new version of one of the songs- “Fragile 2020” remains as relevant and perhaps even essential owing to the current times and demonstrates a universal quality that is equally engaging even after two decades of its original release. 

This re-release opens up new possibilities for these iconic songs in the world of music today. It will be an understatement to say that Colourblind wrote songs that were ahead of their time.



Listen below:



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